There are lots of bus operator on this route. I am bit confused. Please help me with the best bus operator.

asked 07 Mar '17, 21:35

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You said it correctly. There are a plenty of bus operators on this route. Also, branding one bus operator as the best bus operator won’t be justified. However, I mostly prefer Transnasional bus operator.

alt text

The bus timings are convenient, its buses are comfortable, and fares are affordable. So, I’d recommend you to book a bus ticket with Transnasional if you are going to Kuantan or KualaLumpur.

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answered 09 Mar '17, 22:57

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My vote goes to Transnasional for this route as well in 2017 now that they've rolled out the new 30 seater buses for this route. The new buses seats are very comfortable, and come with USB plugpoint as well which I used to charge my handphone. And timing so frequent.

I haven't tried Jasa Pelangi bus, maybe will try the next time.

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answered 05 Apr '17, 08:50

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Transnasional and Plusliner has high frequency. but you can also try Jasa Pelangi :)

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answered 22 Mar '17, 02:16

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Maybe not the best, but I used to usually take Plusliner simply because its affordability (RM24 is a big amount especially for a student!) and comfort. I always felt the ride was smooth too. Trip timings are fine and buses are punctual though the bus only stops for a break once if I'm not mistaken throughout the entire journey.

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answered 19 Dec '17, 22:38

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